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Helping Employees through the Afternoon Slump

Employee productivity is not about keeping them in the office. It is about the hours in the office resulting in good quality work. For HR professionals looking at staff from this perspective, one of the greatest challenges is managing the afternoon slump. The very first step is understanding that the afternoon slump is biologically based and not a matter of malingering or

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Recruiting Candidates with the Right Cognitive Skills and Personality

When you’re looking to hire quality talent, you can try to attract candidates with more money and better benefits. But the fact is that a good candidate is one who loves his/her job. If you love your job, then you’re bound to perform it well no matter what type of remuneration you’re getting. So the solution is to find someone who loves

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Difficult employee? Save your sanity and follow these steps

Every workplace has them: the gossiper, the complainer, the blamer, the slacker. Don’t let a bad apple ruin your day or your team. Check your emotions, side-step the drama, and follow these steps to handle the situation. A difficult employee can sabotage your team The key to managing difficult employees is to handle problems at once. Ignoring their behaviors can cause morale

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