If you are a California-based employer with less than 500 employees, contact us and find out how CPEhr can help guide you through California's employment maze.
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Are you struggling to navigate California’s complex HR world? Let our experts guide you!

California has earned the reputation as one of the most difficult, expensive and challenging states in which to run a business. And with over a dozen new employment laws effective in 2014, it is working hard to keep its reputation!

For over 30 years, CPEhr’s California Human Resources experts have helped clients contain their employment and insurance costs, reduce their HR risks, and improve employee productivity.

  • $125,000 in prevented lawsuits and attorney’s fees
  • 30% increase in management’s time
  • Over $50,000 saved in personnel and overhead reduction
  • $200,000 savings in workers’ compensation premiums
  • 60% decrease in unproductive HR administration

These are real figures reported by clients using CPEhr’s California Human Resource services!

Based in Los Angeles, California for over thirty years, CPEhr has a proven track record of reducing costs and protecting their clients.

CPEhr – A Full Service California HR Consulting firm, since 1982.

CPEhr was founded on the principles of customized HR solutions and personal client relationships. It supports the entire life-cycle of an employee, from recruiting and hiring, to training and discipline, to compliance and termination.

For more information or to speak with a California Human Resources Expert, call us at 877-842-4979.