Increase Employee Morale, Dedication and Productivity.

When the economy is down and sales are flat, it is critical for employers to ensure the productivity and efficiency of their staff. A small business cannot afford employees that are not working to their full potential.

Studies show that employee development, training and recognition programs are invaluable in motivating the workforce. Yet, most small employers find their time and resources too limited to research, create, and implement effective programs.

In recent years, thousands of local employers have begun turning to Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and HR Outsourcing firms for support. A PEO/HRO firm typically provides the following services to help improve employee morale and productivity:

  • Managment Training – Some trainings are required by law, such as Unlawful Harassment Training. However, many courses empower supervisors to reach higher levels of confidence and committment to their employer. With advanced management courses in their pocket, they can more readily motivate, train, and lead their staff.
  • Employee Development – An educated employee is a dedicated employee. Numerous trainings motivate and empower staff to reach their full potential. Time managment, Positive Motivation, and Managing through Difficult Times are just a few examples of training that motivate employees to excel.
  • Incentive Programs – In a tight economy, most employers don’t have the financial resources to provide large bonuses or cash incentives. However, with a little creativity, employers can find alternatives to incentivize and motivate their staff. Birthday parties, small gestures of appreciation, public recognition, and minor gifts go a long way in keeping your staff supportive of your efforts in tough economic times.
  • Employee Benefit Packages – A key motivator for employees to work hard and remain dedicated are good benefit programs. While insurance can be costly, many low-cost alternatives exist, including voluntary benefit and retirement plans.

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With over thirty years in the marketplace, CPEhr has the experience and knowledge to provide advanced employee training and effective motivational techniques. Drawing from a pool of experts in multiple disciplines, and hundreds of clients in numerous industries, CPEhr brings clients a level of expertise unattainable on their own.

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