2014 Labor Law updates cover2014 Human Resources and Employment Updates.

Each year, the various state legislatures pass new employment laws, or update existing laws, that directly impact the way employers do business across the nation. 2014 was no exception. Dozens of new regulations became effective on January 1, 2014, with many more going into effect later in the year.

We are proud to present our annual HR and Employment Update Report. This report covers a wide range of timely, and very important topics, including:

    • Health Care Reform Updates 2013-2014
    • ACA Provisions for Small Employers
    • Cyber Crime Liabilities for Small Businesses
    • New Compliance Obligations for 2014
    • Summary of Major Employment Legislation
    • Minimum Wage Updates
    • Workers’ Compensation Rates to Rise in 2014
    • Tax Updates for 2014
    • Training & Development Webinars

wage_hour_coverWage & Hour Law Changes on the Horizon

Labor and employment laws are constantly evolving and 2014 is no exception. There are major changes on the horizon relating to wage-and-hour regulations, and employers who remain up-to-date on these changes will be in an excellent position to reduce the risk of financial penalties, civil suits, and even criminal charges. This article highlights four proposed changes to wage and hour laws which may significantly impact employers in the coming year:

  • Expansion of Overtime Pay
  • Minimum Wage Increases
  • The Paychecks Fairness Act
  • The Working Families Flexibility Act