For thirty years, CPEhr has been a leader in the Human Resources Outsourcing and Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry. We combine the strength, expertise and buying power of a large organization, while remaining deeply committed to forging close, personal relationships with each of our clients. This is what makes us unique:

Human Resources ExpertiseFlexible Service Offerings

Human Resources ExpertiseHuman Resources Expertise

Human Resources ExpertisePersonalized Client Relationships

Flexible Service Offerings

CPEhr recognizes the individual culture and infrastructure of each organization that it serves and designs a customized service program to meet their standards and unique needs. No boxes, no one-size-fits-all. CPEhr conducts a detailed business consultation at the outset of the relationship. Generally, there are four service models for delivery of our service:

Professional Employer Outsourcing (PEO)

The PEO offers a business a complete employment solution. Through the PEO a client is provided the ability to participate in CPEhr's broad scope of insurance offerings (Fortune 500 style employee benefits, Workers’ Compensation and EPLI). In addition, the client and its employees also gain access to Human Resources consultative services, employment administration, employee relations, assistance with labor law compliance, management training, employee safety, Risk Management services and payroll and tax administration.

Human Resources Partnering (HRP)

Under the HRP arrangement, the client and its employees have access to Human Resources consultative services, employment administration, employee relations, assistance with labor law compliance, management training and payroll and tax administration. There are also flexible alternatives to building in customized employee benefits and Risk Management services and solutions if desired.

HRO (Human Resources Outsourcing)

Human Resources Outsourcing is a service model in which CPEhr designs a customized plan for the specific area(s) relating to human resources for the client. This option generally does not provide administrative services or payroll administration but does include consultative and strategic human resources functions.

“A-La-Carte” Services

CPEhr’s a-la-carte menu offers clients the ability to outsource human resources specific assignments. This model provides the opportunity to partner with an outside human resources professional firm to support their initiatives such as HR audits, investigations and policy review and development.

Human Resources Expertise

CPEhr employs a staff of close to 100 experts in almost every facet of employment administration and compliance, including:

  • Employment law and compliance
  • Governmental legislation
  • Risk and safety
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement planning
  • Payroll administration
  • Tax compliance
  • Unemployment administration
  • COBRA administration

Employee Longevity and Experience

Half our team has been with CPEhr for five or more years, and almost one out of five employees (19%) has been with us for more than a decade! It is this experience we bring to our clients, ensuring the highest level of professionalism and expertise. Consider the following:

  • Our In-House General Counsel has successfully represented hundreds of employers in employment related lawsuits since 1994.
  • For the past 3 years, over 98% of our clients have not had an employment claim filed against them resulting in a monetary loss.
  • The Accounting and Payroll Departments process an average of 350,000 checks annually, and employ MBAs, CPAs, and Certified Payroll Professionals (CPP).
  • The Benefits Department fields over 1500 inquiries and calls per month, and manages over 40 benefit plan options.
  • The Safety and Risk Management Departmenthas conducts over 300 on-site safety inspections annually. Their staff consists of experts who hold the following degrees and certifications:
    • Associate in Risk Management (ARM) certification
    • CSP (Certified Safety Professional) designation
    • Ergonomics for Office Workers
    • General Industry Outreach Training Program
    • Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety
    • WCCA (Workers’ Comp Claims Administration) certification
    • Master of Science degree in Environmental Health Science with a concentration in Industrial Hygiene and a minor in Hazardous Substances
  • The Client Services Department has over 200 years of combined HR experience, employing PHR and SPHR experts.
  • The Implementation (New Accounts) Department has logged approximately 60,000 flight and land miles meeting clients and employees – this equals traveling around the world more than twice!

If you have an HR question or challenge, you will be sure to receive the most accurate, up-to-date support from our team. With CPEhr, you will never again be left in the dark, wondering if you made the right employment decision.

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Personalized Client Relationships

CPEhr understands the value of close client relationships. 1 out of 6 clients have been with CPEhr for more than a decade, and over 90% have remained loyal clients over the past 2 years.

Our executives and service team are highly accessible, available via phone, email, or in person to address your service needs. By becoming an extension of your management team, our staff work hard to understand your company culture, reduce your administrative burdens, and support your business objectives.

A Personalized Commitment to Service: CPEhr's 12 Standards of Professional Service

On any given day, you can walk through the offices of CPEhr and observe a team of committed employees whose mantra is, “results matter.” CPEhr’s caring environment understands the challenges you face running your business. As such, we developed our own “CPEhr 12 Standards of Professional Service” by which the entire organization lives:

  1. My customers are clients, employees, & co-workers.
  2. I make customers' needs and objectives come first.
  3. I make myself available and accessible to all.
  4. I greet customers courteously, using my name.
  5. I put myself in my customer's shoes.
  6. I listen, interpret, clarify, and pursue solutions
  7. I never say “no,” I seek solutions.
  8. I treat complaints and objections as opportunities.
  9. I express appreciation.
  10. I follow through by communicating and confirming.
  11. I do so because I want to, not “have to.”
  12. The customer is my greatest priority!