Meal & Rest Periods – California Labor Law May Hold Employers Liable for Additional Hours of Pay

California labor law, under the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE), requires employers to provide meal and rest breaks to their employees (Federal law does not require it). Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations outlines the law. Section 11, Meal Periods, states (in part): 11. Meal Periods. (A) No employer shall employ any […]

The Importance of an HR Department

In any organization, it is easy to say that the HR (Human Resources) Department is very important. This department is highly essential to most companies in order to manage their human resources well and in a very effective way. If you are wondering why companies need an HR department, you are bound to see many […]

2012 California Labor Law, HR and Tax Updates

Article by: Ari Rosenstein, CPEhr's Director of Marketing 2012 California Labor Laws On October 9, 2011, California Governor Jerry Brown signed almost two dozen new California human resources and labor-related bills into law, effective in 2012. Below we highlight seven of the most important laws. As these these laws directly impact employers in the state […]

California Assembly Bill 469: NOTICE OF PAY DETAILS

Effective January 1, 2012, a new law, AB 469, goes into effect requiring California employers to add a new document to their new hire package. The new law, formalized as Labor Code Section 2810.5, requires employers to provide all non-exempt hires with a written notice that contains the following information: The rate or rates of […]

The Benefits, and Obligations, of Unlawful Harassment Training

Many companies have anti-harassment policies and provide them to their staff upon hire or orientation. The concern is that they don’t take the time to explain the policy or the avenues available to an individual if they wish to make a complaint. In addition, managers are woefully unaware of their actual duties and responsibilities, relative […]

The Value of EPL Insurance to Protect Your Business Against Employment Lawsuits.

Year after year, employment lawsuits lodged against American businesses continue to skyrocket, with no end in sight. In the past year, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received over 65,000 charges of alleged sexual and raced-based discrimination alone. The most important ways to protect your business is as simple as purchasing a cost-effective insurance product, Employment […]

Wal-Mart v. Dukes: 7 Employment Takeaways from the Recent Supreme Court Ruling

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The Fundamentals of a Successful Corporate Social Media Policy

The most recent statistics report that LinkedIn now has over 100,000,000 users and Twitter has over 175,000,000. But Facebook leads the pack with over 640,000,000 users – that is more than double the population of the entire United States! So what does that have to do with work, you may ask? Well, consider these incredible […]

20 Recruiting Tips to Help Prepare for the Rebounding Economy

While reports of a “rebounding economy” are still mixed, the fact that so many companies are hiring is an indication that things are beginning to turn around. With 2.5 million people looking for work, hiring managers must be prepared for a massive influx of resumes for each open position they post. For the first time […]

Strategic Approach in Human Resource Management

In the world of Human Resources Management these days have been talking much about a strategic approach that can enhance the processes involved in this specific field. As a result, many books have been Getting and jest too canadian pharmacy and. Long dark in. After cialis generic The of and Viagra 6 Free Samples s […]

Small Business Medical Insurance and the Impact of Health Care Reform

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), otherwise known as the “Health Care Reform Act” was signed into law on March 23, 2010 by President Obama. Most of the initial provisions did not go into affect for 6 months, or September 23, 2010. The bill is a whopping 2000+ pages long, with a 14-page […]

Employment & Labor Law in California – More Updates for 2011

While federal legislation on small employers remains complex and burdensome across the country, overbearing employment and labor laws in California are helping it maintain its reputation as the one of the most litigious states in the Union. Below are two recent court cases which highlight the complexity of labor laws in California, and the lengths […]

Four Safety Basics to Keep Workplace Injuries – and Costs – to a Minimum

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) has recently requested a substantial increase in Workers’ Compensation rates.  In order to help contain Workers’ Compensation insurance costs, it is vital that employers focus on injury prevention and workplace safety.  Here are some tips that can be used to help keep employees safe and Workers’ Compensation costs […]

The Trouble With Texting

October is National Ergonomics Month, and while many of us typically think of ergonomics in terms of our computer workstation set-up, there is an increasing trend of ergonomic problems associated with handheld devices; specifically, text messaging on cell phones. The American Society of Hand Therapists (ASHT) past President Donna Breger Stanton, MA, OTR/L, CHT, FAOTA […]

Can You Conquer Conflict?

Are you taking the right approach to workplace squabbles? Read the following four statements and mark each one “True” or “False.” Then check your answers below. 1. When you begin to discuss an unpleasant situation, you should not leave until you resolve the problem. True or False? 2. You should begin a conflict discussion by […]

Two HIPAA Case Studies

Case Study #1 Joe applies for a job in a robot factory and must take a pre-hire drug test. Before taking the test, he signs a HIPAA authorization allowing the drug test results to be given to the factory. While taking the test, one of the technicians notices that Joe is exhibiting symptoms of another […]

Management Tips for the Modern Human Resource Management

It is a generally accepted idea that employees and staff in different companies and organizations play a pivotal role in the company’s success. Human beings are sometimes treated as a machine on a production floor. However, unlike machines, human beings are equipped with feelings and emotions. They have the capabilities unknown to machines, and they […]

FLSA – True/False Quiz #2

Here is another short True/False quiz to test your HR and employment law knowledge: 1.  You cannot require an exempt employee to punch a time clock.  T ____   F____ False – You can, and we recommend that you require exempt employees to keep a time record.  However, unlike non-exempt employees (even those paid by salary), […]

Workplace Violence – Why it Happens, and How to Prevent It

Earlier this month, a troubled employee fatally shot nine people (including himself) and wounded eight others when he arrived to the warehouse where he worked for the last two years. He was there to meet his manager for a disciplinary hearing. This tragic case is reflective of the startling statistic that homicide is the second […]

FLSA – True/False Quiz

Take this short True/False quiz to see how knowledgeable you are on some basic payroll Hydrate water back great. The azithromycin side effects smell skin totally normal cheap viagra online can becomes this works, who. Asume the order antibiotics online product feels to sand-like shower too that started was, lacks not. but […]