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protecting your business.

Through regular on-site inspections, loss prevention strategies, return-to-work programs, and effective claims management, CPEhr’s Risk Management team creates OSHA-compliant safety programs for your business.  Reduce injuries, promote a healthier, safer work environment and enjoy the benefits of reduced workers’ compensation insurance costs.  Below is a list of a some of the services we can offer your business.


Worker’s Compensation insurance policy procurement

Issuance of Insurance Certificates
Claims management and tracking
General ergonomic evaluation
Annual OSHA postings
Premium Audit verifications
Premium reporting
Injury and Illness Prevention Programs


Assistance with ADA Compliance Related to Worker’s Compensation
Assistance with Safety Programs & Strategies to Mitigate Losses
Job Descriptions for Modified Work Duty
Return-to-Work Programs
Vocational Rehabilitation Assistance
Advanced Ergonomic Evaluation / Specific Workstation
Safety Training
Safety Meetings
Safety Incentive Programs
Experience Modification Review
Re-audit of Worker’s Compensation Prior Policies