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Risk Management and Workers’ Compensation Services

Through regular on-site inspections, loss prevention strategies, return-to-work programs, and effective claims management, CPEhr’s Risk Management team creates OSHA-compliant safety programs for your business.  Reduce injuries, promote a healthier, safer work environment and enjoy the benefits of reduced workers’ compensation insurance costs.

Workers’ Compensation

  • Worker’s Compensation insurance policy procurement

  • Issuance of Insurance Certificates

  • Claims management and tracking

  • General ergonomic evaluation

  • Annual OSHA postings

  • Premium Audit verifications

  • Premium reporting

  • Injury and Illness Prevention Programs

Risk Management

  • Assistance with ADA Compliance Related to Worker’s Compensation

  • Assistance with safety programs & strategies to mitigate losses

  • Job Descriptions for Modified Work Duty

  • Return-to-Work Programs

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Assistance

  • Advanced Ergonomic Evaluation / Specific Workstation

  • Safety Training

  • Safety Meetings

  • Safety Incentive Programs

  • Experience Modification Review

  • Re-audit of Worker’s Compensation Prior Policies