How to be a good candidate for a Skype interview

Many businesses seeking to hire new staff are conducting the initial HR interview over Skype. This modern method is especially used by companies that encourage work from home. Skype is a wonderful tool that saves a lot of time for both the interviewer and the candidate. However, certain rules apply for you to be considered a good candidate during a virtual interview.

First, you should dress professionally, just as if you had to drive to the company’s physical location for the interview. If you are hired and are allowed to work remotely, there will be time enough to work in your pajamas.

Second, make sure the background environment that the interviewer sees and hears contains nothing distracting. Noisy children should be elsewhere.  Turn off all of your other electronic devices, including your radio and television. Make certain that the visual background is tidy, uncluttered, and contains nothing that looks unprofessional. The more it seems as if you are in an office, the better.

Third, give the interviewer your undivided attention. Don’t try to multitask during the interview. Sit up straight and show good posture. Make good eye contact, as much as is possible when looking at someone who is on a screen through a camera. Speak clearly and distinctly.

Aside from that, the rules of doing a Skype interview are pretty much the same as speaking face to face. Re-read your resume to make sure that your answers match what is on it. Have a good and honest answer for the question of why you left your previous position or are thinking of leaving it. Be able to tell the interviewer what you accomplished at your previous or current job. Do not bad-mouth your former supervisor or employer.

Remember that the HR interview, either on Skype or in person, is just the first step in a process that will hopefully lead to a job offer. Above all, try to make a good first impression.