Your Human Resources Choice.

Having an outsourced Human Resources firm like CPEhr can reduce the costs of hiring additional staff and personnel by working toward improving and polishing the skills of current employees. Our team will work towards developing specialized and skill-specific training which can improve relationships with your employee’s and increase employee retention. Reports show that nearly 85 percent of companies outsources some of their HR functions.

We can assist you with human resources consultation, payroll, tax administration, recruiting, training, risk management, workers’ compensation and employee benefits.

We have a range of service models that allow us to customize the right choice for you.

Also, check out our partner Sunset Business Insurance Solutions.

Sunset Business Insurance Solutions is a boutique firm offering risk management services related to workers’ compensation.  This includes the procurement of workers’ compensation insurance and the development of a strategic plan to help your business be successful.  Our experts consult with clients to generate a comprehensive offering.

Plan 1: Professional Employer Outsourcing (PEO)

Professional Employer Outsourcing offers the most comprehensive employment solution available on the market. Gain access to the PEO’s compliance experts and proven payroll, tax, safety and HR systems. Robust employee benefits packages, workers’ compensation insurance, management training, and employee relations are also included.

Plan 2: Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)

Under the HRO plan, you gain access to CPE’s employment and legislative experts, a wide range of HR support services, and payroll and tax administration. You have the flexibility to maintain your own employee benefits and workers’ compensation plans, or to request that CPEhr procure coverage for you.

Plan 3: A-La-Carte HR Services

This plan provides the ultimate in flexibility and customization. A CPEhr expert will design a customized plan to match your precise employment needs. Our A-La-Carte menu enables you to outsource any HR initiative you may require, such as governmental audits, investigations, training, recruiting and policy review and development.

Our amazing and talented service team bring your business expertise and experience.