Human Resources- 3 Ways to Promote Respect at Work

In today’s society, people will sometimes demonstrate a lack of respect for others. Fortunately, though, this does not need to spill over into your place of employment. Regardless of where you work, here are 3 ways you can promote respect at your job, so it is a place where everyone can be comfortable.

Dress professionally.

The first thing that will impact a person’s view of someone is their appearance. By dressing neatly and appropriately, you will be displaying respect for yourself and your job, and this will encourage others to respect you as well. If a person is dressing overly casual, or immodestly, this will draw the wrong type of attention towards them, and make it more challenging for others to naturally feel respect for them.

Think before you speak.

Positive speech is one of the most important things that can draw respect from others. Keeping speech appropriate for the work place is a must, even when out of hearing range of customers, so that workers can maintain respect among themselves. When it comes to something you want you say, some things you should consider are:

*Is it positive, appropriate, and true?

*Will what I say foster a negative view of someone else or my place of employment?

*Is it acceptable for me to disclose?

*Would someone else be upset by my saying this, if they were present?

*Are my words going to distract someone from their job duties?

Maintain professional conduct.

Consider if what you are doing- even while doing your job- will encourage respect from others, and not just benefit you. This can be more of a challenge when working somewhere that is of a competitive nature, or has specific goals that need to be met. At the same time, it is important that workers don’t neglect ethics simply to make more money or appear to be doing a better job.

Those are just a few things you can do to increase respect at your place of employment. At CPEhr, we have seen how values such as respect can benefit a company. For more information on human resources, please contact us.