7 Easy Motivation Tips with Big Results

If you’ve been working at a job for over a year, a lot of the things you have to do become second nature. As a result, you can switch your brain off and just do them. Although this means that you have become efficient, it can also result in boredom. When your mind doesn’t have to concentrate on anything, it feels like it has nothing to do. It’s looking for some new distraction. And if it doesn’t find this, then your motivation levels drop. Here are a few tips to keep yourself motivated:

  1. Don’t drink too much caffeine. Although it might give you a temporary high, this will also lead to a drop in productivity levels a few hours later.+
  2. Drink a lot of fluids. Rather than drinking caffeine, try to drink something that’s good for you, like water or fresh fruit juice.
  3. Eat protein. You may not believe it but eating some protein can really help you to feel better. The effect is not immediate, but if you eat protein the night before and in the morning, you’ll find your day goes a lot better.
  4. Exercise at your desk. It’s a good idea to get up and stretch or just move your neck and shoulders around every hour so that your body feels limber.
  5. Socialize a little. We’re not suggesting you should spend your whole day chatting with other employees, but saying hello and interacting a little bit can make you feel less isolated. Plus, if you need someone to talk to, you know they’ll be there.
  6. Dress up. Looking good when you go to work can be a powerful motivator for most people. You feel good when clients or coworkers give you compliments. And even if they don’t, you just feel a little more confident when you know you look your best.

Maintain a work/life balance. Sure, you may be tempted to work hard and make a lot of money while you can, but this can also sap energy. Spending time with friends and family or just doing something fun can help you regain your energy so you come back to work feeling refreshed.