10 Tips for Wellness – Human Resources

Nowadays, we hear a lot about maintaining the work/life balance. It’s a good thing that people have become aware of the fact that you need more than just work in your life. You need to spend time with friends and family, pursue your passions and hobbies, focus on your health etc. Unfortunately, it may not always be possible to put as much time towards all these things as you want. But you can make a few small tweaks that can lead you into greater wellness.

  1. Spend 5 Minutes Meditating: You don’t need to meditate for half an hour if you don’t have the time. Even just 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening will help.
  2. Visualize: Visualizations are great. You just cut out pictures of things that appeal to you or things that you want in your life, put them up where you will see them and let them do the work.
  3. Yoga in Bed: When you wake up in the morning, do a couple of sitting yoga postures in bed before you get out. It will be a nice start to your day.
  4. Take Deep Breaths: If anything bothers you during the day, just take five deep breaths and watch your mood change.
  5. Drink Water: Drink half a cup of water after every small task or a full glass after a big task. Your wellness is adding up.
  6. Get Some Sun: If you’re walking in the sun or sitting near a window, take a moment to enjoy the sunlight. It’s therapeutic.
  7. Do Something Nice: Helping someone, even in a small way, can be energizing and can make you feel better.
  8. Say Something Nice: Giving someone a compliment, however small, can make you feel as good as that person.
  9. Color: Wear something bright. Or paint the room you usually sit in a bright color. Or just get a bunch of bright flowers. Add some color to your life.
  10. Write It All Down: At the end of the day, write down all the things that went well that day. You’ll find that the things that went well usually outweigh the things that didn’t.

With just a few small changes, you can drastically improve your levels of wellness.