How a Manager Can Increase Employee Engagement (Part 1)

Workers passionately dedicated to their company’s vision and goals propel the organization forward. Great leaders are ones who cultivate an environment that promotes engagement within the staff. When a company presents a clear mandate, a purpose beyond profit, comprehensive training in both hard and soft skills and is led by committed individuals the results are remarkable. Take a look at the following sections to plan how to take your company to the next level.

Mission Statement:

Encapsulate your company’s brand with a well worded mission statement. This short message highlights the goals and values of the organization. Aim for a couple of clear and concise sentences with no wasted words. It might to help to first answer the overall questions of “what”, “why” and “how”. For example, if your company sells wellness and makeup items then you can answer the “what” question with the organization is a “health and beauty” store. Why does your company exist? It provides customers with products to improve their health and enhance their appearances. Finally, explain how the company works: a knowledgeable staff addresses each unique customer to provide them with the best possible shopping experience. Combine these three answers to create a simple, yet effective, mission statement.

Staff Selection:

Assemble team of competent professions willing to embrace the company’s specific brand and goals. You need a loyal and motivated team to produce high level results. Recruitment is the cornerstone of your operation as your people are its lifeblood. Carefully review the resumes of potential candidates and interview those who, on paper, most match up with your expectations. Your interviews need to elicit information regarding skills and experience, of course, but also reveal the values and internal motivations of the individual. Passionate people most often make the most engaged employees. Interview candidates of various ages, genders, ethnic groups and cultures so you can bring together an exciting multicultural team. A diverse group sharing the same values and goals in their chosen field sparks amazing results.


While you should always cover the basics of your company’s operations, protocol and safety measures, do not neglect to address the company’s values and culture. Without proper attention to the so-called “soft” areas of employment, you inadvertently create an organization based on routine, minimal effort boredom and a severe lack of engagement from your employees. Choose instead to train with the purpose and vision of the company in mind, reiterating the importance of the work to the customers and staff. Share your passion with your employees. Maintain an upbeat attitude, demonstrate a sense of urgency, pay attention to the attitudes and feelings of staff and practice inclusiveness in every aspect of the business. Focus your staff member’s attention to the company mission which goes beyond simply making a profit. The more you stress purpose and values, the more engaged your employees become in them.