Increase Motivation Levels by Getting Into the Zone

One of the most widespread problems that people face in their careers is a lack of motivation. How do you keep going back to work day after day for most of the calendar year, except for Saturdays and Sundays? And how do you keep up this momentum for years on end? Sure, we all hear about the benefits of hard work. But don’t you sometimes feel like hard work would be easy if only you enjoyed your job?

Getting Into the Zone

We’ve all had that experience where we get so engrossed in what we’re doing that time just flies by. We don’t have a chance to feel irritated by something in our surroundings or unhappy about something going on our lives. We just are. This is why a lot of spiritual methods have an emphasis on “being” rather than “becoming.”

Activities Which Get You Into the Zone

If you feel like you don’t understand what meditation is all about, then think again, because it’s just a way of creating and reliving that feeling of being in the moment. You might have experienced it when you were watching a particularly interesting movie. Or maybe you got engrossed in a book. Or maybe you got it while running, bicycling or doing some other physical thing. There are literally hundreds of ways in which you can get engaged and get into the zone.

Limiting Interruptions at Work

So why is it so hard for many people to invoke that same feeling when they’re at work? One of the reasons why this might happen is because you’re constantly being interrupted. Try to limit interruptions when you’re in the middle of the task by putting your phone on silent and avoiding any form of social media. If your boss needs you, they can call you on the company phone or step out of their office, right?

Get Into the Zone During Your Time Off

Another way to get into the zone more often at work is by doing it more often during your time off. Spend your free time doing something that you enjoy—something that helps you get into the zone. This way, you’ll naturally find yourself getting more engrossed in things even when you’re at work.

Ever had that experience when you had a long enjoyable walk and, as a result, you also had a long, enjoyable reading/cooking/painting session afterwards? The two activities feed off each other. The same applies for work and after-work activities. You can make work more enjoyable when you make your time off more enjoyable too.