Managing Your Relationship with Outsourced HR Team

Outsourcing can be a huge step for leaders who have never done it before.. Outsourcing your human resources department can be a very beneficial move in the long run for your company if done right. Read on for tips on how to make it work.

1) Communicate, communicate, communicate

This is the golden rule for managing remote services, and your success depends on how often and how much you communicate with your outsourced HR team. “Communication” is a large concept that means everything from making sure you provide others with as much information as possible for them to work with to scheduling regular meetings for everyone to touch base. Share with your outsourced team both the short-term and long-term objectives for them to clearly understand what you seek, and keep in regular contact with them to ensure both sides are always on the same page.

2) Be mindful of time zones

When outsourcing HR functions, you may find yourself working with people in another time zone. You may or may not notice much discrepancies, depending on where you are located relative to your outsourced team. Make sure you keep this in mind and stay flexible and understanding when scheduling work them. For example, giving them assignments and expecting it to be done that day without regards to the fact that it’s the end of business day for your outsourced team will make you appear inconsiderate and lead to some resentment against you.

3) Have trust

Employees can usually tell when their supervisors do not trust them just from the way they interact with each other. Lack of trust can impact an employee’s performance and confidence. Similarly, it’s important to instill trust in your outsourced HR team because trust will motivate them to do their best and give them autonomy to make decisions on their own. Not only that, having trust allows you to relax and have one less thing on your plate to worry about.

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