Human Resources: Being a Good Employer

What does it mean to be a good employer? Most would answer that being a good employer means offering great pay and benefits, or for today’s generation, offering a better work life balance. Maybe some human resources professionals would respond by saying offering recognition and incentive plans make an employer better. All of these are good answers and definitely a good starting point, but there is more to being a good employer in today’s competitive environment.

Let’s consider the words opportunity and respect. The companies that have risen to the top of the list of best places to work have realized what these terms mean and actually put them into practice. Some of the common threads you see in the best places to work are creating employee-focused environments. Offer employees the respect you would want to receive for yourself, or for your family members. It’s such a simple concept that seems to have gone by the way side. And provide opportunity for employees to grow, either personally or professionally. 

Investing in employees is a fundamental business strategy. Jim Senegal, founder and former CEO of Costco, states “you have to force yourself to think like a small company” and “recognize people wherever you go.” Costco has realized success from recognizing its employees personal and professional interests and cultivating them to grow and succeed within those interests.

John Hollon summarizes Costco’s philosophy well, “what a concept, treat employees well, and you’ll have a more profitable company, instead of treating employees as a cost to be minimized.” We can help you achieve the status of being a good employer by developing customized services to help meet the needs of your employees.