Human Resources: Ways to Increase Professionalism at Work

A professional business attracts top-notch employees and works with high level clients. Savvy Human Resources departments use a few key ways to make their workplaces exceptional. Their businesses establish a professional environment by means of clear guidelines, communication, respect and competency.

A mission statement and set regulations provide the foundation for a solid business. The central statement sets a professional tone with a concise and clear message connecting to a primary goal The accompanying regulations should support a business attitude. Common examples include a professional dress code, cell phone usage policy and prohibitions against inappropriate conversation.

Good communication is invaluable in a professional environment. Train employees in the art of proper discourse, stressing the skills of active listening. This principle helps ensure employees truly listen to co-workers and clients. Forbes recommends that you screen out distractions, focus on the moment and maintain eye contact to facilitate discourse. Another important way to boost clear communication is to apply conflict resolution techniques. A course in how to respond appropriately when there is an argument or debate fosters good relationships that are key to professionalism.

Professionals show respect for their workplaces. This means they are loyal to the company. Workers show this loyalty by behaving in an ethical and compliant manner. Managers instruct their charges to show respect to each other, clients and superiors. Respect manifests itself in a professional environment in which workers speak positively about the company and their associates. They follow company guidelines, are punctual and willing to learn new skills and techniques with a positive attitude.

A final key to building professionalism is competency The managers and employees who know the expectations of their jobs and perform them well contribute greatly to the professional work environment. The building of competency begins with a solid training program. New workers need an introductory period in which they receive instruction in all facets of their jobs. Pay attention to the technical issues of the work along with soft skills such as proper workplace decorum, how to treat customers and phone etiquette.

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