Mon, August 03, 2015

California Workers’ Compensation rates are going up in 2014. Access low-cost group rates, 10%-15% below state averages.

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As California workers’ (Workmans) compensation insurance costs continue to rise, California employers are scrambling to find cheaper insurance alternatives.  While large companies can access reduced premiums, small businesses are at a unique disadvantage. Now your California business can access steeply discounted workmans’ compensation insurance with A++ rated carriers, 10-15% below standard base rates.

How does it work?

  1. As a California-based HR Outsourcing firm, CPEhr pre-negotiates discounted group rates with top-rated California Workers’ (Workmans) Compensation insurance companies (see below).
  2. Thousands of employees are pooled into CPEhr’s Group Workers’ Comp Insurance Program, resulting in reduced rates and premiums.
  3. Employers gain access to workers’ compensation and risk services programs through either CPEhr’s Human Resources Partnering (HRP) program, or Professional Employer Organization, (PEO).
  4. Each employer’s policy and safety plan is customized for their specific operation and work-site(s).
  5. CPEhr manages the entire process, from OSHA-compliant safety programs, loss control management and claims administration, to billing and year-end audits.

Plans offered

CPEhr works with several A++ rated California insurance carriers. Your workers’ compensation insurance policy will be customized for your unique business needs, and the most appropriate carrier will be selected for your company. Prior to inception, our Senior Loss Control Manager will conduct an on-site walk through, assessing your safety environment and providing solid risk-avoidance recommendations. These reviews will be conducted annually, and your policy will be continually reviewed to ensure you are receiving the most cost-effective policy.

If you are a California employer with five or more employees and would like to see how CPEhr can help you with your workers compensation needs, call us at 877-842-4988 or complete the short form below: