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Why Outsourcing HR Should Be on Your Holiday Wish List

It might be the season for holiday cheer, but nothing makes your buoyant seasonal spirit go from nice to naughty like the feeling of being overworked in the office. If you’ve thought about adding an HR department to your list of office wants, here are three reasons you’ll love adding an outsourced HR department this holiday season: Give your employees a break. The

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Human Resources: Maximizing Productivity During Short Work Weeks

In the United States, the average workplace has around 10-12 holidays where the office is closed. This means that, on average, one week every month in a typical company is a shortened four-day workweek. Although holiday weekends are largely positive for companies – research shows shorter weeks can lead to increased employee productivity – it’s important to make sure employees stay focused

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Human Resources: Hiring Temporary Workers Over The Holiday Season

The holidays are often a busy time for businesses, and human resource professionals. Instead of the usual “permanent” hires, human resource departments often spend their time hiring temporary employees. These seasonal employees come on board during the busy holiday period, to provide necessary extra hands on deck. With the right strategy, seasonal employees are a huge asset to overwhelmed businesses. Here are our tips

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Human Resources: Special Considerations During the Holiday Season

November is upon us, and it’s almost time for the Holidays. The holidays bring joy and time with our families and communities, and they also come with special considerations for human resources to consider in the workplace. Here are some factors to consider and ways you can ensure a holiday season that’s enjoyable and festive to all. Throw a fun holiday party. November and December are great

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Etiquette at your Office Holiday Party

The holiday season is soon to be upon us with lots of corporate gatherings and events to attend.  The first and most important rule to remember is that no matter how fun and festive the event, it’s still business and your place of work.  Here are some offices tips and guidelines to ensure a good balance of holiday spirit and office etiquette

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Corporate Event Ideas?

Holiday Parties and Corporate Events are a great way to show appreciation to your employees for their hard work and dedication in a very personal way.  It gives everyone a chance to socialize away from the office setting, relax and enjoy. Here are a few suggestions and holiday ideas for upcoming corporate events. Choose and create a theme for your company party.

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