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How to be a good candidate for a Skype interview

Many businesses seeking to hire new staff are conducting the initial HR interview over Skype. This modern method is especially used by companies that encourage work from home. Skype is a wonderful tool that saves a lot of time for both the interviewer and the candidate. However, certain rules apply for you to be considered a good candidate during a virtual interview.

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How to Attract the Best Employees for Your Workplace

Employees’ desires and demands are evolving each and every day. This makes it difficult for employers to satisfy their employees. For an employer to attract and retain a top-ranked workforce, they need to understand what the employees are looking for from the company. Below are the top talent trends that can be used by companies that want to stay ahead of the game when

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5 Characteristics of an Ideal Workplace

Employee motivation and performance highly depends on the work environment. A positive work environment will encourage employees to sacrifice their needs, personal interests, and goals to grow their careers. Uncomfortable employees will have low motivation and their performance level will decline. Here are the five characteristics of an ideal workplace. 1. Strong Employer-Employee Relation An employer-employee relationship should be respectful and fulfilling.

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4 Workplace Etiquette Rules Every Employee Should Follow

When it comes to day to day dealings at a company, it’s important for those who work there to have manners and to show courtesy toward others around them. It promotes a positive work atmosphere when everyone acts in a way that shows consideration for their coworkers. But when things get busy at your job, sometimes you may forget or neglect some

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Do You Have Problems with Authority Figures?

A lot of people have problems dealing with their bosses. The boss might come across as too demanding (think The Devil Wears Prada), too finicky or too volatile. Everyone has some failings as a person, and no boss is going to be perfect. So it’s usually up to you to learn to manage your boss and deal with any negative feelings you might

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What Incentives (Besides Money) Can You Use to Attract Top Talent?

Most employers assume that if they want to get someone who’s really good at their job, they have to be willing to pay them more and give them more benefits. They assume that this is the only way to get someone who is at the top of their field. And although it definitely helps if you’re willing to give a person more

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Outsourcing HR is the Ideal Small Business Solution

It can seem daunting as a small business owner to create a team of human resources professionals who can compete for and manage talent as well as companies with larger budgets for human resources functions. Increasingly complex issues in human resources such as what constitutes a family for health insurance purposes and working with high-deductible plans can make the job especially challenging.

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How to Motivate Your Employees to Optimize Their Productivity

The level of productivity that you get out of your employees has a lot to do with how well you motivate them. Although your personnel may be willing to work on their own, it is worthwhile for you to be proactive by taking measures that will encourage them to optimize their production. Let them know you much value them Everybody likes to

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Is Your Boss Really Difficult or Do You Need to Change Your Attitude?

One often hears people complaining about how terrible their boss is. If these people are to be believed, most bosses are demanding and inconsiderate. They give you a lot more work than any one person is capable of. They set unreasonable deadlines. They’re never satisfied with what you do. They can never acknowledge that they are in the wrong. And they often

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3 Benefits of Outsourcing HR Functions to a PEO Firm

An HR department performs important duties for the company, such as processing employee payments, medical plans, conducting background checks, and ensuring the company is compliant with current laws. HR professionals often devote a significant amount of time to managing a company’s workforce, from evaluating employee performance to talent development. And yet, they are often bogged down by administrative tasks that prevent them

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