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How to Attract the Best Employees for Your Workplace

Employees’ desires and demands are evolving each and every day. This makes it difficult for employers to satisfy their employees. For an employer to attract and retain a top-ranked workforce, they need to understand what the employees are looking for from the company. Below are the top talent trends that can be used by companies that want to stay ahead of the game when

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5 Characteristics of an Ideal Workplace

Employee motivation and performance highly depends on the work environment. A positive work environment will encourage employees to sacrifice their needs, personal interests, and goals to grow their careers. Uncomfortable employees will have low motivation and their performance level will decline. Here are the five characteristics of an ideal workplace. 1. Strong Employer-Employee Relation An employer-employee relationship should be respectful and fulfilling.

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4 Workplace Etiquette Rules Every Employee Should Follow

When it comes to day to day dealings at a company, it’s important for those who work there to have manners and to show courtesy toward others around them. It promotes a positive work atmosphere when everyone acts in a way that shows consideration for their coworkers. But when things get busy at your job, sometimes you may forget or neglect some

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What Incentives (Besides Money) Can You Use to Attract Top Talent?

Most employers assume that if they want to get someone who’s really good at their job, they have to be willing to pay them more and give them more benefits. They assume that this is the only way to get someone who is at the top of their field. And although it definitely helps if you’re willing to give a person more

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HR Performance Reviews: Turn Them into a Positive Learning Experience

Performance reviews give HR departments an overview of which areas an employee has excelled in and which areas they still need improvement on. It’s a dreaded but necessary task for both parties as HR decides how to approach an employee about their strengths and weaknesses, without sounding too critical or neglecting to mention their recent accomplishments. HR departments might also want to

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Increase Your Enthusiasm for Work with These Simple Tips

Keeping yourself motivated to keep going is a lifelong process. No matter how much you love your job or enjoy running your own business, there are still going to be days when you don’t feel like working. Maybe you’re going through some personal issues or maybe you’re a little under the weather. At times like this, it can really help you to

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What Managers Should (and Should Not) Say and Do When Publicly Praising Employees

Today, we want to deep dive into that idea: once you have developed a method of recognizing exemplary employees, or even if there is already a system in place, how does a manager publicly praise an employee? More specifically: let’s answer those tough, awkward questions, such as, what do you say? What should (or shouldn’t) you do?  You Should: Make It Known According

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7 Tips to Deal with Stress and Keep Your Cool

We’ve all heard about the ill effects of stress and how it’s necessary to do some stress-busting if you’re going to live a happy life. But if we’re all so self-aware, then how come we still get stressed out, depressed, unmotivated and unhappy? It’s because we need constant reminders about how to beat stress. At least this is what Dale Carnegie says

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3 Benefits of Outsourcing HR

A Human Resources department can be a huge help for both employees and management to streamline functions like, payroll, benefits and staying current on employment laws. Almost every large corporation has an HR department, but with smaller companies, it can sometimes be pushed aside because of cost or lack of knowledge. The good news is that every business can have access to

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7 Easy Motivation Tips with Big Results

If you’ve been working at a job for over a year, a lot of the things you have to do become second nature. As a result, you can switch your brain off and just do them. Although this means that you have become efficient, it can also result in boredom. When your mind doesn’t have to concentrate on anything, it feels like

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