4 Workplace Etiquette Rules Every Employee Should Follow

When it comes to day to day dealings at a company, it’s important for those who work there to have manners and to show courtesy toward others around them. It promotes a positive work atmosphere when everyone acts in a way that shows consideration for their coworkers. But when things get busy at your job, sometimes you may forget or neglect some of the basic ways you should do this. Here are 4 workplace etiquette rules every employee should follow.

1) Avoid gossip.

The truth is there is always going to be something negative you could say about people you work with, customers, or others you come into contact with at your job location- whether it’s something you know to be true, talk that you’ve heard, or your own logical opinions. However, discussing other people’s affairs in a damaging way is unkind, unproductive, and sets the tone for a more stressful work environment. Instead, you should try to mind your own business, and bring any legitimate complaints about others to your supervisor or Human Resources department.

2) Knock before you enter a room or office.

As simple as this sounds, some employees have been known to accidentally barge in on a meeting or walk into someone’s office while they were working on something confidential. Simply knocking before you walk in, and saying, “excuse me,” can go a long way in showing respect for your employees’ work space.

3) Keep your work area neat, and respect the belongings of others. 

When you maintain a clean and orderly work space, this has a positive effect on the rest of the building. When it comes to the belongings of your coworkers and even the items their department regularly uses, show respect by not touching or using them without asking first.

4) Talk to others in a polite way.

Even when you are rightfully upset about a situation, it’s important to communicate with coworkers, management, and customers in a respectful manner. Speak kindly, avoid profanity, and make appropriate eye contact. 

So those are 4 workplace etiquette rules every employee should follow. By avoiding gossip, keeping your work area presentable, showing respect for the work space of others, and communicating kindly, you’ll help your work environment thrive.