get the best talent.

Everything starts here.  If you don’t have the right employee’s – then your business cannot and will not prosper.  Our goal is to help you hire your next, best employee. We are equipped with state-of-the-art, industry-specific assessment tools to help you achieve your recruiting objectives. We customize the search based on your company’s needs to ensure a perfect fit for any and all positions in any and all industries:

Our unique, personalized approach to recruiting consists of more than 20 fundamental measures which allow us to focus on our candidates’strengths as well as the needs of the position.

This Process Includes:

Full understanding of your company’s culture

Developement of the appropriate job description, title, and compensation range

Identification, analysis, and investigation of candidates based on position requirements and, more importantly, personality traits and tendencies.

CPEhr offers its clients this premium, comprehensive recruiting service at deeply discounted rates, 50%-70% below standard market fees. We are so confident in our customized, modern and detailed approach to finding your next, best employee that we back it with a 90-day guarantee.