CPEhr has offered monthly webinars on a wide variety of management development topics. These webinars provide valuable information for management leaders and HR professionals alike. Please enjoy the pre-recorded complimentary webinars below:

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Access a selection of previously recorded webinars below:

  • California Workers’ Compensation Updates
  • Effective Interviewing*
  • Exempt, Non-Exempt or Independent Contractor*
  • How to Conduct Legal Investigations*

(Webinars indicated with an asterisk (*) qualify for 1 hour of general HR recertification credits upon completion of the webinar.)

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California Workers' Compensation Legislative Updates

California employers have endured a workers’ compensation roller-coaster over the past few years with dropping rates and rising rates, the passing of new regulations and the updating of old ones.

Join us on July 30th when we bring you the latest legislative and regulatory developments coming from Sacramento that will impact your claims, just as California lawmakers’ head into the summer recess.

In this 60 minute complimentary webinar we cover:

  • A brief history of the California workers’ compensation market;
  • Recent industry trends;
  • The latest workers’ compensation legislation;
  • Recent regulatory changes, as per SB 863, including the copy service fee schedule, the proposed interpreters’ fee schedule, the home care fee schedule, and more!

Note: This webinar DOES NOT provide HR recertification credits.

Effective Interviewing

“Hire in haste, regret in leisure.”

We have all been in a position at one time or another where we thought we had the right candidate but we were wrong. This webinar will cover the key areas of interviewing and selection, an area where many interviewers fail.

In this 60 minute complimentary webinar we cover:

  • How to identify the right candidate

  • Creating thoughtful questions

  • Understanding why you have selected those questions

  • The best answers to look out for

Note: This webinar qualifies for 1.0 HR recertification credits.

Exempt, Non-Exempt or Independent Contractor?

Class action and collective lawsuits involving Wage and Hour violations (FLSA) have been on the rise over the past decade. Some of these disputes result in multimillion-dollar verdicts.
The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that approximately 70 percent of employers violate the FLSA’s classification requirements. It is crucial that employers reevaluate their classification practices.
Whether a worker or employee is exempt, non-exempt or an independent contractor, there are very specific rules and guidelines that must be made before these important decisions are put into action.

In this 60 minute complimentary webinar we cover:

  • The definition of Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees;
  • The different exemptions;
  • What determines if a worker can be classified as an Independent Contractor;
  • How to legally classify your employees
  • The risks and costs of misclassifying workers.

Note: This webinar qualifies for 1.0 HR recertification credits

How to Conduct Legal Investigations

It today’s complex employment environment, it is inevitable that at some point in their career, a supervisor, manager or HR representative will have to conduct a workplace investigation. A thorough investigation is instrumental in supporting legal employment decisions and can provide a formidable defense in the event of an employee lawsuit.

This 60 minute complimentary webinar discusses:

  • The 9-Step process of conducting an investigation
  • Typical questions to ask
  • Pitfalls to avoid.

Note: This webinar qualifies for 1.0 HR recertification credits.