Employee administration isn’t easy. It is crucial to remain educated and informed about the ever-changing environment in which you do business. CPEhr prides itself on keeping small businesses updated on how the complex world of Human Resources can impact their company.

The update draws on CPEhr’s wide breadth of experience in the employment law, health care, tax and workers’ compensation arenas. Topics covered in the update include:

Topics Include:

Minimum Wage Increases

Employment Legislation

Legislation in Other States

Tax Updates 2024

2024 Withholding Brackets

About HR Updates

Every year, CPEhr compiles and releases critical updates taking place within the Human Resources sector, conveniently compiling this research into one handy place. The HR Updates include both National, and Federal territory updates that all Human Resource professionals should be across. 

These updates include valuable information for Human Resources professionals ranging from new laws and legislations passed based on current affairs, as well as annual updates taking place on employee matters such as wage increases, Employment Legislation, as well as Healthcare, Tax updates and much more. 

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