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The Many HR Benefits of Working with a PEO

As any business leader knows, efficiently managing resources is a key to success. And the most critical resources are your employees. With a Professional Employer Organization, or PEO, employers can simplify their operations and maximize the potential of their team. A PEO will not only help save time and money; it will help with compliance,

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3 Important Practices to Avoid a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Over the past two decades, great strides have been made against sexual harassment in the workplace. However,  one in four women still report they have experienced some form of workplace harassment, and that number skyrockets to 70%, or more, in certain industries (such as food-service and hospitality). released its Litigation Scorecard for 2014, and sexual harassment

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Pregnancy Discrimination

In a stunning employment verdict, a California jury awarded $185 million in punitive damages and $873,000 in compensatory damages to a former AutoZone store manager who claimed the auto-parts retailer mistreated her based on her gender, demoted her after learning she was pregnant, and ultimately terminated her from employment based on her decision to challenge

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Paid Sick Leave: A Growing Trend on the State and Local Level

In 2013, a federal paid sick leave proposal was presented to Congress as part of the Health Families Act, but failed to garner enough votes to pass. However, sick leave once again gained national attention when President Obama voiced his plans during the recent State of the Union address to create a national paid sick

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FMLA Redefines “Spouse” to Include Same-Sex Partners

The Department of Labor announced this week that it officially amended the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) by revising the definition of “spouse” to include same-sex partners. This change grants same sex couples the same FMLA rights and protections as heterosexual couples. The amendment to the FMLA extends to all 50 states – even

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Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. Problems often begin with simple misunderstandings, poor communication or lack of knowledge about the role and job responsibilities of another. If managed properly, conflict can actually strengthen a company and its employees. It must be positively channeled into friendly competition or an activity that

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