4 Ways for Managers to Reduce Stress

Most busy managers have to deal with a lot of stress. Too much stress can lead to various health problems. It also causes burnout and a decrease in productivity. Here are a few tips for managing stress.

Be Organized and Plan Ahead

Oftentimes, stress is a result of not being organized and not having a clear plan. Make a clear action plan and stick to it until you accomplish your goals. This will eliminate doing unnecessary work on the way.

Know Your Limits

You’re only human. Know your limits and don’t take on more than you can handle. Many managers have a drive to get so many things done that they feel overwhelmed, which is unnecessary. Make a list of your priorities and focus on them first. Sometimes you have to give up on smaller things that won’t make a big difference so that the bigger things get done.

Get Enough Rest

You may consider yourself a workaholic, but everyone needs a break now and then. Everyone is different, so make sure you are getting the right amount of time-off that you need. Get enough sleep at night. Take short breaks throughout the day so that you can recharge yourself and avoid burnout. Take a walk, chat with a co-worker, exercise for a few minutes, or catch up on the news. This will often lead to increased productivity when you return to your work.

Focus On the Now

You need to minimize distractions. Too many distractions will make you feel overwhelmed. When you are working on something, focus on it exclusively. This will also help you get more done in a shorter amount of time. The same applies when you are on a break or after-hours. Don’t read your work emails when you are spending time with your family or resting; this will greatly decrease your stress levels.