Human Resources: Hiring Temporary Workers Over The Holiday Season

The holidays are often a busy time for businesses, and human resource professionals. Instead of the usual “permanent” hires, human resource departments often spend their time hiring temporary employees. These seasonal employees come on board during the busy holiday period, to provide necessary extra hands on deck.

With the right strategy, seasonal employees are a huge asset to overwhelmed businesses. Here are our tips for hiring and managing seasonal employees:

Set upfront expectations. Seasonal employees often apply hoping their position will turn into a regular position. Be clear upfront that the position is seasonal, and state the end date in the employee contract. Companies sometimes retain seasonal employees, but it’s best not to make any guarantees.

Conduct the same hiring process as with regular employees. You’ll want to make sure you comply to the same hiring laws as when you hire regular staff. Have a formal interview process, ensuring it’s consistent for all candidates, and complete any new hire paperwork you typically use.

Ensure FLSA compliance. Temporary employees are entitled to the same FLSA standards as regular employees. Make sure their supervisors give them breaks and overtime pay as required by national and state regulations.

Train them fully. Seasonal employees often have less job experience, and on top of that the company is in such a hurry to make use of them that it’s easy to forget to train them. Set aside a day when the employee is new to make sure they have full understanding of their role and procedures.

Be inclusive. Be welcoming and appreciative of seasonal employees, who have limited job security and often work the less desirable shifts no regular workers wanted.  Include them in office camaraderie, and let them know how much you appreciate their work.

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