Human Resources: Red Flags in the Interview Process

One of the most critical processes completed by human resources is the hiring of a new employee. Typically, the final hiring decisions is made directly following one or more interviews. It is critical to use these conferences with a potential associate to identify “red flags” that could, and should, influence your hiring decision. The following is a list of concerns that can arise during the interview process.

Lack of eye contact with hiring director during the interview process. This could indicate timidity not welcome in your work environment or, even worse, deception.

Candidate does not ask any questions regarding the company or the potential position. No questions often means the candidate did not do research regarding the company or position. This lack of interest could translate to a similar lack of engagement with their labor.

Potential worker contradicts what is on the resume when answering interview questions. Contradictions could mean the interviewee is not being honest about something.

Inappropriate attire or questionable hygiene. This can serve as an indication that the candidate lacks professionalism, and it shows upon immediate contact with others.

Checking of an electronic device during group interviews. The obvious disengagement spells trouble. Some candidates might even check their phones in an individual interview.

Long lapses in work background without reasonable explanations. If the potential employee cannot tell you why they have not worked in five years, a flag arises as to why.

Answers to questions that do not align with company mission and policy. This could mean that the individual and your enterprise are better off with another who is more closely aligned with your ideals.

Rehearsed answers to all questions that are too broad or too vague to tell interviewer anything about the candidate or her knowledge of the field. You should learn true information regarding the individual, not that she is schooled on seemingly proper answers.

Inability to give appropriate responses to scenario questions is a major flag. This tells the employer that the potential worker will not know what to do when a minor or major crisis occurs.

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