Keeping Employees Engaged During Training

Every company strives to employ a knowledgeable and successful workforce. Training is one of the ways that employers can accomplish that.  Without training, employees are less productive and happy in their positions which ultimately costs the company money down the road. But how can a company implement training programs that produce great results while still being cost-effective? Keeping in mind your company’s training goals and budget, here are four tools that will help keep your employees engaged and interested in their professional development.


Take advantage of all the different types of technological assets in your company to put on an interesting and diverse presentation.  Use videos, audio, images, and animation to really drive your point home.  Spice up your power points to help keep them interesting. Avoid using outdated teaching tools like chalkboards and whiteboards. 

Pop Quizzes

Quizzes ensure that employees are actually paying attention.  And what employee wants to be embarrassed by not knowing an answer when called upon? You can even take it a step further and provide an award to the employee with the most correct answers.  


Sometimes it takes putting yourself in someone’s else’s shoes to really understand where they are coming from. Give employees the opportunity to act out real workplace situations and problem solve.  

Make it a Game

Most people enjoy playing games so take advantage of it.  Break a larger group into smaller teams and have them compete against each other based on the topics in the training session.  If your employees are having fun learning a topic, then they are more likely to retain it. 

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