Three Tips to Avoid a Bad Hire

A bad hire can cost a business a lot. It takes a lot of time and money to look for potential employees. Training an employee the right way can take a lot of time as well. If you are constantly hiring and training people, your business can suffer.

So, how can you avoid a bad hire?

Know exactly what the job description is before you start to hire. When placing an advertisement for potential job, the more information that you are able to include, the less likely you will get applicants who aren’t right for your company. If you are going to expect people to work late and on weekends, let them know. Many people won’t apply. If you expect traveling, make sure that they know how often it is expected of them.

The more thought that you put into your ads, the more qualified your applicants will be.

Know what skills your employees need to have and what you are prepared to train them on. There are many skills that you should expect your employees to already know. Then, there are the skills that you are willing to teach them. While they may know how to do some of them, you don’t expect them to be completely proficient in these skills.

Ask the right questions. Too many hiring managers ask the same questions during interviews, including ones that don’t always get the answers that you need. It is important that you ask questions to make sure that the person can do the job that is required, instead of focusing on the normal interview questions.

It is important that you really know what you are looking for before you even start to think about looking. The more information that you are able to put in your ad, the less time you will waste with employees who are not right for your business. Don’t forget to define what skills you want them to have, as well as the ones that you will train them on. Then, make sure that you ask the right questions going into the interview!