Define “Success” to Find It

Everyone talks about having success but few stop to consider what the term really means. Often, people see success as having a “good” job, a new car or a residence in a particular side of town. All of these relate to money and that is okay, but in the long-term, it is never enough. Take the time to truly define what success is for you so you can work to obtain it.

Begin defining success by working backward. It might seem counter-intuitive to start thinking about results before you take the first step but it is essential to true discovery. Take out a journal and start writing about the life you envision living in the near future. Where do you want to live, how do you want to spend your time and what will create the most happiness for you? Learning these things will lead you to the definition you seek.

Discover your passion and make it your life’s work. This is the next step in defining success and finding it. Don’t settle for a career because it is stable, potentially lucrative or convenient. Instead grapple to make a living off what you care about, what sparks passion and creativity in you and what motivates you to continually challenge yourself.

List the goals and then the steps that will get you the job you want and need. Again, you need to work backwards as you determine what the end game should look like and how to get there. Break down the increments you need to complete to move you toward success such as what classes to take, where to volunteer time and what skills to acquire. Get together with other like-minded individuals to discuss, plan and work your dreams. You will encourage one another and grow stronger due to the community efforts.

Your success might differ from a traditional definition. Discover and accept what it means for you so you can work to ensure it.