How to Build an Impeccable Reputation

How your peers, employees and customers view you often defines the level of success you reach. Staying on everyone’s good side does not make you a credible person worthy of respect. You must work for an impeccable reputation. Act in these 10 ways and prove yourself as a person of high character.

  1. Always behave in a transparent manner. Show the real you to everyone. Secrets rarely prove beneficial. Be honest with everyone you work with, and you gain their trust.
  2. Give back to your community. Donate money and time to make where you live better. For example, hold a fund-raiser for the local animal shelter or volunteer to help clear area streams of debris.
  3. Behave in a consistent manner. When people know what to expect from you, and you always act in the same way, you establish your reputation as a professional who is above reproach.
  4. Keep your workplace in compliance. Obey all federal and state compliance regulations when managing your company.
  5. Adhere to a code of ethics. Your moral sense of right should guide your actions.
  6. Associate yourself with others who are upstanding. Surround yourself with people known to act in good faith. Don’t get too close to people who behave unethically.
  7. Become a mentor. Acting as an advisor and supporter of another person helps you develop a good reputation.
  8. Invest in education. Offer your employees the opportunity to take classes to advance professionally. You can also donate time to tutor children in your community who need extra help.
  9. Never play favorites. While you might enjoy particular employees’ personalities more  than those of others, do not base rewards on partiality. Treat everyone fairly.
  10. Fight for change. Do not be afraid to speak out against social injustice or threats to the environment. Even those who disagree will respect you.

It takes hard work and discipline to establish a wonderful reputation. Always behave with integrity, and you will enjoy a valued place in society and business.