Human Resources as Performed by CPEhr

In today’s growing economy, Human Resources (HR) solutions are increasingly important for businesses, both big and small. At CPEhr, we are proud to provide our many clients with effective HR solutions from recruiting to payroll and risk management.

Many HR companies only offer a small array of services, or offer specialized services that only affect certain components of business.  We work differently than those companies, instead equipping our clients with the HR tools they need on all fronts. Our services are all-encompassing, and include:

• Recruiting. We understand that key to the success of any business are strong recruiting tactics.  With recruiting experience in a broad array of different industries, CPEhr is prepared to help your business build a team of qualified and dedicated professionals based on factors such as compensation, company culture, and position requirements.

• Risk management. Things go wrong in the business world all the time.  We believe that preparedness for these types of situations is what separates a good business from a bad business.  We perform services such as on-site inspections and claims management in order to ensure that your business is OSHA compliant, reducing risk and possible injuries in the process.  When you go with us, you will be making your business a safer and more productive environment.

• Payroll services. At the end of the day, every business needs to make sure its employees and taxes are taken care of.  CPEhr are here to offer online payroll systems such as ConnectME and TalentConnect, facilitating the payment process. We are willing to work with you in order to help better manage and keep track of your company’s finances and financial obligations, arriving at a responsible and achievable fiscal policy.

At CPEhr, we are excited for the chance to begin working with you.  Contact us for more information.