Human Resources and Outsourcing: Employee Training

With the volatility in today’s stock market, companies tend to use defensive strategies to remain in the black.  Subsequently, the workforce responds by going on the move.  This movement is sometimes voluntary, but more often than not, it is involuntarily. 

Never made that correlation?  You see, long gone are the days when most people spent their entire careers at the same company.  This phenomenon requires employees to maintain their marketable skills.  Therefore, to properly steward and maintain the company’s human capital, it is necessary to offer regular employee training to your employees.  The current economic environment requires it.

During times of economic upheaval, employees may be unsettled about the security of their jobs.  And while this cannot be avoided completely, employee training can bring a level of assurance about the company’s outlook and its willingness to continue investing in its employees.

Not all companies use training as a way to develop their employees, but they should.  Usually, an employee receives official on-boarding and training for his own position with most subsequent training being “on the job.”

For outsourced talent, it may at times be prudent, depending upon the department or project, to include sub-contractors in these training sessions.  This helps to create a more cohesive team of people who are “on the same page.”  It is usually better to err on the side of over-, rather than, under-training.

Therefore, we are advocating for companies to go the extra mile to ensure that their employees feel valued knowing that their company is willing to invest in their development.  Remember, your employees are your best customers.  Treat them that way, and you will have better overall results.

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