Outsourcing HR for Background Checks: 3 Reasons Why it’s Vital

Today more than ever, background checks are a crucial aspect of pre-employment screening. The scope and breadth of background checks vary greatly, ranging from simple identity verification to in-depth investigations of character, criminal history, credit and employment verification. A recent study confirmed that 6% of screened applicants had a criminal record. That’s an alarming statistic, and one that should prompt companies to realize the importance of a proper background check. Unfortunately, there is no centralized system for checking all of the above elements of a candidate’s background, and thus the job often falls squarely on the shoulders of your HR employee. Likely already having a wide range of responsibilities and a busy schedule, the prospect of doing an appropriate background check can be daunting for any HR employee. One solution is to do an “instant” background check. However, to say that these checks are incomplete and non-reliable is an understatement. Here are 3 reasons why you should outsource your background checking.

 1. Detail

As mentioned above, a speedy background check done by an already busy HR rep is a recipe for disaster. Worse, the prospect of missing critical information on a potential job candidate-including criminal history-is too risky to ignore. Companies such as HireRight and Sterling Talent Solutions specialize in conducting efficient, complete and thorough background checks. This reduces the risk in the inherently risky process of onboarding a new employee (an unknown quantity). Furthermore, these companies offer a range of services, from simpler checks to more detailed investigations.

 2. Completeness

In order to gain the ease of mind that comes with a full background check, you need to take many thorough, time-consuming steps. They include contacting the courts of each county the candidate previously resided in, contacting employer references (which can take numerous attempts), verifying start and end dates, and running credit reports. Indeed, a company that offers full background check services will have more appropriate time and resources than your in-house HR rep. You can choose how detailed you want the background check to be, and plan accordingly.

 3. Liability

If you miss critical information during your in-house background check, which is very easy to do, you are both putting both your company’s future and reputation in jeopardy. In the worst cases, if a new employee commits a crime on company grounds and it’s later discovered that they had a criminal record, your company may be liable for damages. Leave it to professionals who specialize in background checks. That way, you can rest assured that a new employee did not “slip through the cracks” of an overworked HR rep, likely trying to complete a background check as quickly as possible.

Reduce workplace risk and boost overall employee safety by outsourcing your HR for background checks. Use a professional company, many of which offer a variety of payment options and scopes of background checks. Even if you are screening candidates for simple manual labor positions, you need to ensure that the screening is done properly. Take the responsibility off of your HR employee, and outsource all of your background checks.