3 Simple Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Low morale can have a negative impact on a company’s bottom line. Miserable employees don’t perform well, and if an atmosphere is toxic, turnover will rise and productivity will fall. However, there are things employers can do to keep negativity at bay. Here are three simple (and free!) ways to boost employee morale. 

Show appreciation for a job well done

Too often, employees hear all about their mistakes but nothing about their successes, and that’s a problem. When an employee feels as if their boss doesn’t see or appreciate their hard work, they may feel disheartened and less inclined to go the extra mile. That’s why it’s important to recognize your employees’ successes and show appreciation for a job well done. This can be done with a simple “thank you,” “great job,” or by sharing an employee’s accomplishments with their teammates.  

Be flexible

If your employees are good performers, it pays to be a little flexible with their schedules. Doctor appointments and school activities often take place during business hours, and employees may need time to tend to personal issues. Allowing your staff to take a long lunch or come in a little late without docking pay is a simple way to boost morale and show employees you see them as people and not just a means to a profit. 

Ask for feedback

Many employers don’t ask for employee feedback. Others ask for thoughts, but then ignore the feedback they hear. While you obviously can’t grant every employee’s wish or act upon every suggestion, listening to employees’ feedback is a simple way to boost morale. Most employees appreciate the chance to share their thoughts, and you’ll likely hear a lot of good ideas in the process.

The most common reason for low morale is that employees feel ignored or unappreciated. If you take the time to celebrate your employees’ accomplishments, tweak their schedules as needed, and solicit feedback, you can boost morale and improve productivity, all without spending a dime.