Decorating and Situating Your Desk for Greater Wellness

Wellness encapsulates physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Everyone needs to have these three things in their lives. We all know the importance of physical wellbeing, which can be achieved by going to the gym or doing some other form of exercise. Mental wellbeing, as defined by the field of psychology, is also needed if a person is going to have a happy and rounded life. Spiritual wellbeing can be achieved by having some kind of spiritual practice. Some people achieve it through religion while others prefer meditation, yoga etc.

However, it can be difficult to make time for wellness when you’re working. So here are a few simple suggestions to enhance your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing:

Decorate Your Desk

It always makes you feel a little better when you try to personalize your work space. Do you love flowers? Get a bunch to put on your desk. Do you like art? Why not hang up some art prints in your cubicle or office? Do you love plants? These can be a great source of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing—physical because they actually produce oxygen that you end up breathing in and mental and spiritual because looking at any form of nature can enhance feelings of happiness and joy. So make an effort to surround yourself with things you like.

Get an Ergonomic Chair

Sitting for long periods of time is terrible for your back, not to mention your whole body. You need to get up and move around every once in a while. And even while you’re sitting, it helps to have an ergonomic chair which supports your back, allowing it to fall into its natural S-curve.

You’ll find that ergonomic chairs don’t necessarily look as nice as the cushy leather chairs you’re used to seeing executives in. But your body will feel the difference.

Get Some Sunlight

Our bodies aren’t really made for being indoors all the time even though this is generally where we find ourselves when we’re at work. Still, if it’s possible, you can try to sit in a spot which gets a little sun every now and then.

Did you know that the human body naturally produces more vitamin D when exposed to sunlight? Plus sunlight is a great mood lifter, which is probably why so many people like to vacation in the Caribbean. It can help with feelings of depression, loneliness and any other niggling feelings of unhappiness which are troubling you.