Get Rid of Disorganization and Negativity in Your Business

Often, you find that the idea of running a business is quite different from actually running a business, just like theory is different from practice. In your mind, you might have envisioned running your business a certain way. But when you actually started your business, you had to abandon these ideas as too idealistic and just not practical enough.

Being Organized in the Workplace

Maybe you started your business with the thought that you were going to be very organized. Maybe you had worked in a number of disorganized workplaces. And, let’s face it, most workplaces are disorganized to some extent or the other. So you thought, “When I do this, I’m going to do it differently. I’m going to be very clear on what each person’s duties and responsibilities are. I’m going to be very clear about how exactly tasks need to get done.”

Monday Morning Meeting

You might believe that clarity of vision is all that’s required to get rid of those Monday morning meetings. You know the ones I’m talking about. The entire staff of the organization or of a certain department gets together and talks about what went wrong in the last week. No one has anything constructive to say. And if they do, their voices are generally overshadowed by everyone else who is being critical. After two solid hours of what just seems like ranting and raving, everyone returns to their desks to continue doing what they were doing before, in the same haphazard manner.

Disorganization vs. Negativity

It’s a good idea to want to get rid of disorganization. But what you need to keep in mind is that it’s not merely disorganization which is leading to this plethora of complaints. It’s a negative company culture. And many companies have them. It’s the kind of thing that creeps into a company slowly and insidiously. In the beginning, there’s a lot of enthusiasm that keeps things going. But as tasks become more routine and the organization grows, enthusiasm dissipates and negativity creeps in.

Encouraging Enthusiasm and Positivity

In order to get rid of this negative company culture, the main thing you need to do is hire people who are positive and encourage them to stay positive. Encourage a healthy spirit of competition. Reward those who display greater enthusiasm for the job. And remember to be a good role model in terms of positivity yourself.