Helping an Employee Cope With a Micromanager

Every company’s success hinges on the very people who work for it. Different personalities and different management styles make up a diverse workforce that keeps a business running smoothly.  But what happens when a manager’s micromanaging style clashes with an employee’s need to feel trusted and empowered? Here are a few tips to share with your employees on dealing with micromanagers:

Honestly Assess Yourself

Is it possible that you are being micromanaged because your performance warrants it?  Take a step back and really evaluate if your manager’s lack of confidence in your abilities is actually justified.  Perhaps you are showing up late to work, forgetting assignments, or it’s as simple as the fact that you are new to your job. If adjustments are needed, make them and see if the micromanagement stops.

Keep Track of Your Work and Build Trust

Prove that you are doing your job effectively by documenting your weekly work projects and accomplishments.While this may seem like a lot of work and extra effort, it is important when you have a micromanager.Eventually, this documentation informs your boss that you are on top of things and makes him or her feel more comfortable with loosening the reins. Trust builds slowly over time and showing you can deliver results will help achieve it. 

Have a Discussion with Your Boss

This is most likely the last step you will take towards establishing independence. It’s possible that your boss is under an incredible amount of pressure coming from the top-down and is unaware of his or her behavior.  Carefully approach a conversation in a non-accusatory tone that explores how you can best ensure that you are meeting your boss’s needs.  

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