How to Structure Your Work Day for Better Results

Leaders need to make the best use of their time to achieve the results they desire. Unfortunately, many times people tend to “spin their wheels” without moving forward during crucial hours. Benjamin Franklin said, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”.  The key to successful gains each day is to structure it in advance.  

Here is how to do it. Get your plan together before you go work. Write a flexible schedule for the day. List the tasks you need to accomplish and then put them in order by their importance. Gather the resources and tools you will need to accomplish all the things you planned. Meet with your team to discuss logistics if your day involves collaboration. Check your messages and take care of any pressing requests or needs. Complete each before going on to the next one. Then, shut down social media and anything else that will tempt you to divert attention from what you need to do. Break large tasks into manageable steps. Create a timeframe for accomplishing each increment. Work steadily on ONE activity for a sustained amount of time such as an hour to get into the flow of work. Take breaks when you need them. Take a short walk away from your work area and have a nutritious energizing snack. Set a time limit after which you return to your schedule. Adjust your plan for the day as necessary. Don’t allow these alterations to divert you from your overall goad of accomplishing your best work. Call an end to the day by reviewing what you have done. Make any needed corrections to your work. Start back at step one to ready yourself for the next day.

Adopt the habit of preparation and enjoy the perks of accomplishment. Learning what to do and when to do it will put you in control of your present and future.