Leadership within your Organization

At CPE our leadership team strives to possess certain qualities which are important to maintain the culture of our business, such as compassion and integrity.  Our leadership team’s main objective is to inspire the team as well as promote trust.  Communication is essential, respect is non-negotiable and fairness is a must to the continued success of our organization. 

Here is why these qualities are important and I feel play a huge integral part and contribution as to why CPE is consistently nominated one of the ‘Best Places to Work’ in LA year after year and has great leadership.


It is important that your team trust and more importantly trust in you.  Trust demonstrates that you have the best intentions not only for your company but for your employees too. Trust is a relationship that is built over time, learning their strengths and weaknesses of your team.  Being fair and consistent and when warranted involving them in important decisions, giving value to their input.

Mentoring and Coaching your Employees

Leaders inspire and are able to motivate and present their company’s vision for the future.  Mentoring, inspiring and encouraging their employees to believe in themselves and help them accomplish their goals and objectives. Providing opportunities for employees to grow and develop their skill sets.

Confidence, Communication and Commitment

Leaders are confident and decisive in making those tough decisions for the interest of their team and company and organization.  Creating a productive work environment with healthy lines of communication.  Showing commitment by leading by example. Showing commitment not only to work but also to promises made to the team and within the organization.

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