Start the New Year off Right!

It’s a new year and people around the world are setting goals and planning for an exciting 2018. January is also a great month for businesses and nonprofits to establish their human resources objectives and determine if their organization is operating at its peak. Here are three HR resolutions to help you start the year off right!

Develop a plan for recruiting all-star talent.

Building a great team takes more than just filling empty seats. Making a bad hiring decision is not only expensive, it can actually disrupt an entire organization. Developing an effective recruitment strategy takes dedication, connections and experience. Insist on specificity. Developing unique job descriptions and conducting highly structured job interviews are good first steps.

Solidify your onboarding process.

Once you’ve found the right candidate for a position, it’s important to help them transition into their new role. Developing a formal training and onboarding process can help your organization to reduce turnover and acclimate new hires to your organizational culture and help everyone that you hire to thrive!

Minimize Risk to your organization. How safe is your workplace? With a new year comes new regulations, so it’s important to constantly evaluate your policies and procedures and the risks that they pose to your organization. Take a look at your current risk management plan and decide if it’s