3 Ways to Improve Every Training Session

As a manager, training is probably somewhere on your list this week. It almost always is, right? If not, it should be. Taking time to training a new employee is critical to business operations. Taking the time to train well is key to optimal business results. It can  also increase the employee’s success during the time they are with your company, which is a win/win. Their success is your success. 

So, how can we easily and quickly improve our training sessions? Here’s 3 quick tips. 

1. Send appropriate documents/procedures ahead of time. Ask the employee to read them in advance, to help prepare them for what you will be training them on. If you don’t have a procedure, then make one. No time like the present to start getting organized! This can also help you brush up on current procedures which in turn can help make sure you are training them correctly. If the procedures already exist, be sure to review them before the training session and make updates where needed. 

2. Print the procedure and bring it with you to train. Hand it to the new recruit and have them follow along as you show them what to do. Keep in mind that one training session may require multiple procedures, so be sure to be prepared and bring them all. Invite your trainee to make notes on the procedure and let you know if they have any ideas for improvements. Get ready to write down a few great ideas!

3. Now let them try! Be clear and thorough with your training. Try not to rush. After you show your trainee how to do the task, be sure to let them give it a go on their own. Most people need a few tries before they get it 100% and this helps their confidence before they are in front of peers or customers. 

Training should be a well organized time and something you look forward to. You may need to schedule focus time beforehand or block out about twice the amount of time than you think you need. This keeps stress low and prevents bumps in the road. You will never regret a moment of well planned training. It’s a solid gold investment sure to pay off in a knowledgeable, confident team member.