Break Out of a Rut by Changing Your Work Style

Different people have different working styles; some like to work in bursts of energy while others like to keep going at an even pace. In this way, working is a little bit like running; you can either be a sprinter or a marathoner. Of course, everyone thinks that their way of working is the best, but the fact is that different things work for different people. If you are caught in a rut, however, the best way to shake up your routine is to do something new. Here are some possibilities:


Some people work better in the mornings while others work better in the evenings. But if you feel like you’re blocked, you can try changing the time when you work, if possible. If you work in an office, you may not be able to change your schedule, but if you work at home, this is a possibility.


Another thing you can change up a little is the place where you work. If you work in an office, you may not have a choice about where to set up your desk, but you can at least decorate your old desk in a new way, with a calendar, plants or photos to make it feel different. If you work from home, you could try working from a café. Or you can just set up a table and chair in your verandah, if you have one, and try working from there.


If time and place are non-negotiable for you, you can try changing up the way in which you work. If you’re a sprinter, why not try working slowly and steadily for a while? If you’re a marathoner, try working fast without judging yourself and see if that works out for you. You could also just change the order in which you do things throughout the day or start using online calendars instead of post-its to remind yourself to do things.


Maybe your work focus so far has been to increase sales, but you could change it and start focusing on customer satisfaction instead. Or if your focus has always been to be more productive, you could start focusing on being more joyful. This can be a powerful method because keeping your focus at the back of your mind throughout the day can lead into synchronicities that will surprise you and work in your favor.