How to Train a Champion

Whether you are training a current or future champion, there are a few best-practices to consider.  Overall, champions need exceptional support. You cannot hand them a procedure, ask them to read it, and then leave them on their own. They need a few different types of TLC to make sure their time in training is a good investment for the both of you. 

Champions need tools.  When you train your champion, give them the proper tools. Yes, a procedure may be a part of that, but make sure they know where the whole procedure book is, and how it’s organized. Make sure they know where to find more training videos online, and which websites/subscriptions can help give them even more support. When they know where the tools are and have permission to access them, they can find what they need when they need it. This will improve their knowledge base and equip them for their awesome performance. 

Champions need encouragement.  As you start training your champion, make sure they know you see them that way. Any trainee, even the most qualified ones, may be struggling with a sense of belonging, and could use a few words of encouragement. Let them know you are so glad they are here today. Tell them how impressed you are with their background and experience. Share with them your excitement for their future contributions. 

Champions need support.  Train your champion 1:1 as much and as often as you can. Set reminders to check back in on their progress at least once a week. Ask them what they are learning and about their new experiences. Champions LOVE to share their wins with you and cannot wait to hear your response. So give it to them! Tell them how proud you are and how happy you are for their success. 

Training champions takes time and energy, but it’s time well spent. For every well-trained staff member you invest in, you receive returns for years to come, and then in just a few short months they may be training the next group of champions.