The Important Role of Recruitment in Nonprofits

At the inception of many non-profits the focus is often dedicated to the service that will be provided to a specific population or community.  A considerable amount of thought and energy is spent on the development of services and programs that align with the mission statement. In service providing industries employees are undoubtedly one of the most valuable assets. How does an organization find the right people?

Job Description

Crafting a good job description is the first step in a successful recruitment process. When posting a job description for a service oriented organization is it important to accurately convey the mission to attract applicants who share the same values. Communicating the full scope of the position responsibilities is imperative to manage the expectations of job seekers and will naturally help weed out applicants who do not possess the desired experiences and competencies.  However, the perfect job description holds little value if it is not available to the ideal candidates.  Job board selection significantly impacts the applicant pool.


The screening process can feel overwhelming when there are a number of resumes to review. The process can be streamlined when using a resume screening checklist that closely mirrors the job description with weighted ratings depending on the importance of the responsibility and if an item is deemed required or preferred.

The interview

Following the identification of the top candidates the interviews can finally begin. The interview allows for an assessment to be made of the knowledge, experience and competencies provided on the resume and application. It is important for the interviewer to know what can and cannot be asked during the interview and to have knowledge of the common interviewing biases that may arise resulting in not hiring the best candidates.

Background Check

The background check is typically performed after the selected candidate has accepted the job offer. It is important to select the appropriate background check package as some positions may include working with the elderly or children and will require stricter guidelines. Education verification is also key, especially when a position requires a specific degree from an accredited program. Just as with the interview questions there are questions that should not be asked when speaking with a candidate’s references.

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