What You Need to Know About Transitioning to Remote Interviews During COVID-19

Today, coronavirus (COVID-19) is transforming the world of work. As more and more companies mandate remote work to prioritize the health and safety of employees, in-person business meetings have migrated to digital means, including video. Companies use virtual video interviews to maintain business continuity and keep initiatives on track—including talent acquisition. 

Today’s candidates should expect to encounter a remote interview at some point in their careers. So, try the tips below to make sure you can put your best self forward when interviewing remotely. 

Test Your Technology Beforehand

You must check and test your technology several times before the interview and that day to ensure success. Double-check your Wi-Fi connection, camera, audio, and video conferencing platforms to confirm they are all working seamlessly. It’s essential to do a test run to iron out any issues at a good time.

Choose an Appropriate Spot

Whether it’s a phone interview or a video interview, make sure you have the interview someplace that’s distraction-free. The last thing you want is the sounds of children fighting or a neighbor’s lawnmower in the background. All you need is a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted.

Prepare Interview Aids at Hand

You can place notes and pre-prepared answers nearby so you can easily remember what you want to say. When the interviewer asks you questions, they are likely to be browsing your CV. It would be best if you also kept your CV next to your laptop so you can easily refer to what they are looking at. 

Dress the Part

You still need to dress up like you would if you were to go in for an interview. Don’t just dress the top half of yourself. Maybe the interviewers can’t see it, but you will feel it. Instead, you want to dress like you are about to go and meet your interviewer in person. Wear a simple white shirt or blouse with either a skirt or smart trousers, keeping your look professional and straightforward.

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