Directives for Learning a New Skill Quickly

The rapidly evolving world of small business makes many demands of its leaders. Among these is the need to constantly obtain new skills as techniques and equipment become more sophisticated. Obviously, quickly mastering new things puts a business manager in the best position for making her company more profitable. Consider these steps in mastering new skills rapidly.

Begin by determining the specific skill you want to learn. Choose something that will improve your business and is likely to remain important in the long run. Consider specific software, applications and theories that lend themselves to your field.

Once you have selected the particular thing you will work to learn, break it down into its particular parts. This is especially important if it is a complicated and multi-dimensional skill. Make a plan to address each part of the skill and estimate the time involved in learning them.

Now, you need to dedicate the time to learning this new concept by putting it on your schedule. You have already considered the time necessary for mastering the skill so you can decide how many hours to allocate. Don’t think you will “work it in” to your week. Instead mark off the day(s) and hour(s) you will work on it.

Clear your desk and mind of distractions once you begin to tackle your new skill. One key that is going to help you learn more quickly is memory reconsolidation. This involves slightly changing up how you practice something new. Apparently, your brain learns faster when you make little alterations in your acquisition process. An example of using reconsolidation is when blacking out random keys while learning to touch type following by sessions in which different keys are covered.

Adding skills to your resume in quick order makes you a more accomplished business person. Dedicate time and use the reconsolidation technique to expand your range to benefit your career and your company.