Human Resources: Managing The Two Week Notice Resignation Period

For personal and professional reasons, employees will sometimes move on from your company. Resignation notice periods vary depending on your state and contract signed with the employee, but in most cases, it’s traditional for employees to give a two week notice. This time period gives the employee an opportunity to finish current projects and Human Resources and management to start finding new position candidates.

As a Human Resources professional, take the following steps to make the transition smooth when employees submit their two week notices:Get the notice delivered to everyone. Have the candidate sign their two week notice to make it official, and ensure the employee, or the HR department, gives a copy of the notice to all managers in the employee’s chain of supervision. Make sure everyone knows as soon as possible to begin the transition planning. Ensure a smooth transition. When an employee gives notice, their immediate managers and co-workers often experience a variety of emotions. Be available for any questions and concerns they might have, and help managers identify what tasks and projects the employee needs to complete by the end of the notice period. Start the search for new candidates. In most cases, you’ll need to start the process to hire a new employee. Before posting the ad, check in with the employee’s manager to see if the job description or needs are changing. Even if the manager identifies potential internal candidates, it’s important to comply with regulations and fairly consider external candidates for the vacancy.

Conduct an exit interview.

On the employee’s final day, have them do a final interview with HR. This allows you to check that you have their company property (such as keys and desk supplies) and gives the HR department valuable information about employees’ experiences at your company. At the interview, get the employee’s most current contact information on file and give them a final paycheck. Comply with state regulations on paying out unused vacation or paid time off.